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Dearborn Heights Library


Images used for Bingo
  • Image PNG image Ghostly Bingo 221027.png

    A program flyer for Ghostly Bingo. There is a cartoon drawing of a large black and purple ghost making a scary face. Five smaller white and purple ghosts each have a blue letter on them that spells out B I N G O. The bottom half of the flyer is teal and reads: "Dearborn Heights Libraries Ghostly Bingo" "Join us for a fun game of Halloween themed bingo! All ages are welcome. New games begin approximately every 1/2 hour. Beginning readers may play if accompanied by someone who can help them." "Thursday, October 27, 2022 4:00 - 5:30 p.m." "John F. Kennedy, Jr. Library 24602 Van Born Road, Dearborn Heights" The bottom of the flyer has four more cartoon ghosts and the Dearborn Heights Libraries seal. Below them is the URL for the library:

  • Image Ghostly Bingo 220824

    A cartoony image of a black ghost with a purple face scaring five small purple and white ghosts. The small ghosts have the letters B I N G O on their fronts. Below the ghosts is a teal rectangle with the words "Ghostly Bingo" written on it in purple block letters. Four small cartoon ghosts in various pastel colors are on either side of the text.