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Why do we need sleep? National Sleep Foundation.
We tend to think that when we sleep our body shuts down. This not true…it is a time of restoration and strengthening. Sleep is important for overall health. When you don't get enough sleep (sleep deprivation), it does more than just make you feel tired. It can affect your performance, including your ability to think clearly, react quickly, and form memories. This website contains articles on how sleep affects your immunity, your metabolism, how much sleep one needs, etc.

Healthy Sleep Habits. American Alliance for Healthy Sleep.
This resource explains all the factors that influence good or bad sleep and provides quick sleep tips. The following topics are also included: snoring, the effect of jet lag on sleep, snoring and a section on sleep disorders.

How Important is Sleep. American Sleep Association.
Comprehensive coverage about sleep: COVID-19 and sleep, sleep and pregnancy and menopause, foods that help you sleep, support groups and resources and much more.

Surprising Reasons to Sleep More. WebMD.
The Sleep and Health Series created by WebMD outlines the health benefits of sleep.  There are also sections on: how to sleep well, best meds for sleep, and treatment available for insomnia.

Sleep and Aging. National Institute on Aging.
Getting enough sleep helps you stay healthy and alert. Many older people don’t sleep well. If you’re always sleepy or you find it hard to get enough sleep at night, it may be time to see your doctor. In the meantime, take a look at this website to read about the process of sleep and aging and to get some helpful tips to help you fall asleep.

Sleep Health & Wellness. American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
This website covers healthy sleep as well as sleep disorders plus every aspect of sleep imaginable. Here you will also find a vide archive.

Book Suggestions

Barone, Daniel A. Let's talk about sleep : a guide to understanding and improving your slumber. 2018. Call#616.849Barone. Available at CK & JFK.

Ellis, Jason. The one-week insomnia cure: learn to solve your sleep problems. 2018. 
Call# 616.849 Ellis. Available at CK.

Huffington, Arianna. The sleep revolution : transforming your life, one night at a time. 2016. Call# 616.849Huffinton. Available at CK & JFK.

Kryger, Meir H. The mystery of sleep : why a good night's rest is vital to a better, healthier life. 2017.  Call# 616.849 Kryger.  Available at CK.

Kshirsagar, Suhas G. Change your schedule, change your life : how to harness the power of clock genes to lose weight, optimize your workout, and finally get a good night's sleep. 2018. Call# 612.022 Kshirsagar. Available at CK.

Lipman, Frank. How to be well : the six keys to a happy and healthy life. 2018. Call# 613.2 Lipman. Available at CK & JFK.

Pierce, Simon. Sleep disorders : what keeps people up at night?. 2020. Call #YA 616.84 Pierce. Available at CK.

Smith, Michael Acton. The magic of sleep : a bedside companion. 2020. Call# 616.849 Smith. Available at CK.

Walker, Matthew P. Why we sleep unlocking the power of sleep and dreams. 2017. Call# 616.849 Walker. Available at CK.

Winter, W. Chris. The sleep solution : why your sleep is broken and how to fix it. 2017. Call# 616.849 Winter.  Available at CK & JFK.