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Ten Percent Happier                      
A free introduction to meditation with video lessons that teach the essentials, guided audio meditations that walk you through the practice, and a coach to help you follow through.  Learn Meditation on your phone, tablet, or computer. Provides a two-week course which will show you how to meditate. Every day, delivered straight to your mobile device, you’ll get video lessons that teach the essentials, and guided audio meditations that walk you through the practice in the simplest possible way.

 The Daily Meditation Podcast                                                                                                               
 A library of meditations at your finger tips. Be happy, healthy, more at peace, and sleep better when you are greeted every morning with a daily guided meditation technique. Feel as though you are next to your personal meditation teacher, Mary Meckley, as she takes you on a weekly journey to manage your emotions. New themes each week based on an emotion with different daily meditation techniques to manage stress triggers.

Guided Meditation Before Sleep   
Provides an ideal way to relax and clear your mind before going to sleep.

New York Times Well Section
If you are just getting started and want to learn the very basics of meditation this is the website for you.

Relaxation Techniques for Health
The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health presents an description of relaxation techniques.  NCCIH also provides an overview of how relaxation techniques may be helpful in managing a variety of health conditions, including anxiety associated with illnesses or medical procedures, insomnia, labor pain, chemotherapy-induced nausea, and TMJ.

5 Websites that Chill You Out
A guided relaxation website that will put your mind at ease. The authors compiled a list of five websites that will help you better connect with your inner Zen.

Meditation & Relaxation DVDs

 A beginner's guide to happiness with Ira Israel, psychotherapist. Visual Materials.

A beginner's guide to mindfulness meditation 10 days to change your life forever. Visual Materials.

Ambient calm. The ultimate relaxation DVD. Visual Materials.

Meditations. Visual Materials.

Yang tai chi for beginners. Visual Materials.

Yoga for beginners. Visual Materials.

Book Suggestions


Alidina, Shamash. Mindfulness for dummies. 2020.  Call # 616.891 Aldina. Available at JFK.

De la Rosa, Ralph. The monkey is the messenger: meditation and what your busy mind is trying to tell you. 2018.  Call # 158.12 DelaRosa. Available at JFK.

Desmond, Tim. How to stay human in a f*cked-up world: mindfulness practices for real life. 2019. Call # 158.1 Desmond. Available at CK.

Fletcher, Emily. Stress less, accomplish more: meditation for extraordinary performance. 2019. Call #158.12 Fletcher. Available at CK.

Harris, Dan. Meditation for fidgety skeptics: a 10% happier how-to book. 2018.  Call # 158.12 Harris.  Available at CK.

Neff, Kristin. The mindful self-compassion workbook: a proven way to accept yourself, build inner strength, and thrive.2018.  Call # 158.13 Neff. Available at CK.

Patel, Kamlesh D. The heartfulness way: heart-based meditations for spiritual transformation. 2018.  Call # 158 Patel.  Available at CK.

Rodenbeck, Christina. Meditation for everyday living: discover how to transform your life with the power of meditation. 2018 Call # 158.12 Rodenbeck. Available at CK.

Simkin, Biet. Don't just sit there!: 44 insights to get your meditation practice off the cushion and into the real world. 2019. Call # 158.12 Simkin. Available at CK.

Watkins, Light. Bliss more: how to succeed in meditation without really trying. 2018. Call # 158.12 Watkins. Available at CK.


Carson, Jim. Relax into yoga for chronic pain: an eight-week mindful yoga workbook for finding relief and resilience. 2019.  Call # 613.704 Carson. Available at JFK.

Clarke, Julia. Restorative yoga for beginners: gentle poses for relaxation and healing. 2019. Call # 613.704 Clarke. Available at JFK.

Masuno, Shunmyō. The art of simple living: 100 daily practices from a Japanese Zen monk for a lifetime of calm and joy. 2019. Call # 158.12 Masuno. Available at CK.

Nagoski, Emily. Burnout: the secret to unlocking the stress cycle. 2019. Call # 155.9 Nagoski. Available at CK.