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Exercise & Fitness

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Exercising regularly, daily if possible, is the single most important thing you can do for your health. Exercise helps to control appetite, boost mood, and improve sleep. In the long term, it reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia, depression, and many cancers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend the following for adults of all ages:

  • For adults of all ages, at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise like brisk walking or 75 minutes of rigorous exercise like running (or an equivalent mix of both) every week.  It’s fine to break up exercise into smaller sessions as long as each one lasts at least 10 minutes.

 Fortunately, there are many excellent websites on fitness as well as exercise routines. Listed below you will find some to help you get on track.


Brady, Tom. The TB12 method: how to achieve a lifetime of sustained peak performance.
Call# 613.71 Brady.  Available at CK.             

Clements, Carol. Better balance for life: banish the fear of falling with simple activities added to your everyday routine a 10-week plan.
Call# 617.1 Clements. Available at JFK.

Doto, Bob. The power of stretching: simple practices to promote wellbeing. Call# 611.718 Doto. Available at JFK.

Fetters, K. Aleisha. Fitness hacks for over 50: 300 easy ways to incorporate exercise into your life.
Call# 612.61 Fetters. Available at CK.

Johnson, Chalene. The 131 method: heal your gut, balance your hormones, and lose weight. Call# 615.854 Johnson. Available at CK & JFK.

Kshirsagar, Suhas G. Change your schedule, change your life: how to harness the power of clock genes to lose weight, optimize your workout, and finally get a good night's sleep. Call# 612.022 Kshirsagar. Available at CK.

Logan, Drew A. 25 Days: a proven program to rewire your brain, stop weight gain, and finally crush the habits you hate--forever. Call# 613.25 Logan. Available at JFK.

McGraw, Tim. Grit & grace: train the mind, train the body, own your life.
Call# 613.7 McGraw. Available at JFK.

Muth, Natalie Digate.  Family fit plan: a 30-day wellness transformation. Call# 613 Digate Muth. Available at CK & JFK.

Patrick, Danica. Pretty intense: the 90-day mind, body and food plan that will absolutely change your life!
Call# 613.7 Patrick. Available at JFK.

Smith, William. Exercises for sciatica: a simple and effective self-care program for pain relief and the treatment of sciatica. Call# 617.564 Smith. Available at CK.

Stanley, Jessamyn.  Every body yoga: let go of fear, get on the mat, love your body. Call# 613.704 Stanley. Available at CK & JFK.

Underwood, Carrie. Find your path: honor your body, fuel your soul, and get strong with the Fit52 life.
Call# 613.7 Underwood. Available at CK.

Online Workouts

FITNESS BLENDER                                                                                                               
An excellent online workouts website. Includes everything from High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Pilates, yoga and strength training. If you’re short on time there are 10-minute ab workouts and if you are super advanced and want to be pushed, their 60-minute “insane cardio workout challenge” promises to burn roughly 1,000 calories. There are more than 500 free workouts on the site. The website is easily customized so you can pick workouts based on difficulty level and what body parts you want to target.

JESSICA SMITH                                            
Jessica Smith’s motto is exercise should be fun. Smith’s workouts are especially great for beginners, those who need extra motivation or want to feel like they’re working out with a friend. Her YouTube channel has more than 250 free workouts that includes Pilates, yoga, strength training and cardio plus workouts specifically targeted for beginners.

LIVE STRONG                                       
These workouts are if you want to use them while traveling, at the gym or at home too. The workouts are photo slideshows that breakdown the moves with very specific written instructions and not videos. There’s something for all levels including quickies like their 30-day ab challenge with some videos under five minutes. The more ambitious can try the Navy Seal workout, train with Mr. Universe or try the 41 hardest ab exercises routine.

There are hundreds of videos to choose from on BeFit’s YouTube channel. You will find basics like strength training, ab routines, Pilates, beach body or barre workouts. Or try something new like belly dance cardio, surfer girl workout, Krav Maga defense, Ballet Beautiful or channel your inner aerialist at Cirque School. There are tons of different options if you’ve only got 10 or 15 minutes or want a full-hour sweat session.

The Body Coach                                                   
There are more than 250 upbeat and engaging workouts on The Body Coach TV, formulated by host Joe Wicks. (He is so relaxed that he allows his toddler daughter ham it up during one live session.) You can find a variety of 15- to 20-minute workouts, as well as a “7 Days of Sweat” challenge. Wicks also has a bunch of short, charming videos for kids that will get them moving.

CorePower Yoga on Demand
Like many studios and gyms, CorePower Yoga has temporarily closed its more than 200 studios nationwide because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but it has also opened its complete on-demand library to all, for free. Choose from everything from Core Stability to Full Body Challenge, or dip into a short meditation.


Cardio kick. Call # DVD 613.71 C. Available at CK & JFK.

Denise Austin. Yoga booty barre. Call # DVD 613.7 AUS. Available at CK.

Fast fit five ten-minute workouts. Call # DVD 613.714 SMI. Available at JFK.

Jillian Michaels 10 minute body transformation. Call # DVD 613.71 M. Available at JFK.

Leslie Sansone just walk walk off fat fast. Call # DVD 613.7 SAN. Available at JFK. 

Mix & match walk blasters. Call # DVD 613.7 S. Available at JFK.

Older, wiser & wonderful level 1 & level 2. Call # DVD 613.71 OLD. Available at JFK.

Qi gong for the arms, wrists, and hands. Call # DVD 613.71 QI. Available at CK. 

Slim + sculpt cardio. Call # DVD 613.7 SLI. Available at JFK.

Weight watchers. Ultimate belly series. Call # DVD 613.71 WEI. Available at CK.

Weight watchers : 15-minute boot camp series. Call # DVD 613.71 W. Available at CK.

Yoga for the rest of us. Easy yoga for diabetes with Peggy Cappy. Call # DVD 613.71 YOG. Available at JFK.