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Library Staff News

Carolyn Smith
Branch Librarian, John F. Kennedy, Jr. Library

Carolyn Smith, former Head of Circulation at JFK, Jr. Library, has moved into the role of Branch Librarian after Michael Wrona's retirement.

Smith, a lifelong librarian user, remembers the first time her mother took her to JFK, Jr. Library, "...walking in and being in awe of the number of books on the shelves; I'm pretty sure I touched them all." Her love for books and the library continued throughout her life as she worked in her school library, as an adolescent, and as a Shelver for her very first job.

As Branch Librarian, Smith hopes to increase the visibility of John F. Kennedy, Jr. Library.

Jennifer Wyatt-Greene
Family Services and School Librarian

Jennifer Wyatt-Greene, former Teen Librarian, has moved into a new role at DHCL. In her new role, she is responsible for creating and delivering programs and services for families with children ages 0 - 18 both inside of the library and out in the community. "You're welcome here. Big arms. I want you to be here. If you can't come to the library, we'll come to you," said Wyatt-Greene.

Wyatt-Greene also serves as the liaison for our local schools coordinating classroom visits, family activities, and Great Crates, a books-in-the-classroom program.

Jill Wioskowski
Marketing Librarian

Jill Wioskowski, former part-time Adult Services Librarian, has joined the team as the Marketing Librarian for DHCL. Wioskowski brings cheerful enthusiasm for creating new community partnerships and is often heard welcoming patrons to the library by calling out, "hello, friend," accompanied by a friendly grin and wave. 

In her new role with DHCL, she hopes to increase the library's visibility in the community and surrounding areas as well as form partnerships with community organizations. When Wioskowski isn't in the library, she enjoys hiking in State parks, playing video games, Michigan craft beers, and learning how to play the ukulele. 

Michael Wrona
20 Years of Service at John F. Kennedy Jr. Library

From the time he was an adolescent, Michael Wrona has had a passion for history, particularly family history, and that curiosity and thirst for knowledge, ultimately led him to a career in librarianship with an emphasis in archives.

"I chose the field of librarianship because it offered me the opportunity to combine the things I love most: the written word, a love of history and genealogy, and an opportunity to work with people," said Wrona.

While he never did end up working as an Archivist, Wrona, a graduate of Wayne State's library science program, did work as a librarian in variety of different libraries (special and academic) until making his way to Dearborn Heights City Libraries and serving as the Supervising Librarian at the John F. Kennedy Jr, Library for 20 years.

In his retirement, Michael hopes to continue researching his family's genealogy so that he may join the Sons of the American Revolution.