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Library Policies

Dearborn Heights Libraries Selected Policies

How to Get a Library Card
Our libraries will issue cards to anyone who can prove they live, work, attend school or own property in Dearborn Heights.  A current drivers license is preferred, however, we will accept other forms of identification as proof of residency. We also recognize cards from other The Library Network Libraries. To find out if you qualify for a library card, please contact us for details. 

Loan of Materials
Upon obtaining a library card, a patron can borrow materials from the library. The first card is always free, a replacement card is available for a $2 charge. 

Placing Holds
Our library card is honored at over 60 other libraries. These libraries are part of The Library Network cooperative. If an item is not present at the library, we can often borrow it from another library when it is available. Non-resident cards are not accepted at other The Library Network locations.

Renewing Your Borrowed Items
In order to keep items available for other users, we charge fines to discourage excessive use. To avoid these fees, a patron can login to My Account and renew online on or before the due date. Login requires a library card number and PIN. New registrants will have 1234 as their default PIN. It is recommended that this PIN be changed in the My Account settings. Patrons can also renew materials via our Automated Phone Renewal system at
(888) 672-8983. A numeric PIN is required. 

Library Fines
Fines can be paid by cash or check at either of our library locations or online by credit card logging into the library card holder's account at

DVDs/Video Games

$1.00 per day



$0.10 per day

Children's Books

$0.05 per day

Wireless Hotspot

$5.00 per day

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Internet Use Policy

  • The internet workstations at the Dearborn Heights Libraries are to help patrons obtain information to meet their personal, educational, and professional needs. 

  • The library reserves the right to block sites for bandwidth and/or content considerations. 

  • The library does not have the right or responsibility to act as a substitute parent. Supervision or restriction of a child's access to the internet is the responsibility of the child's parent or legal guardian. 

  • Email is allowed. However, users must have an email address. The library does not supply email accounts. 

  • Users must show consideration for computer equipment. Users must not damage hardware or software or alter the software components or use personal software. 

  • To use the internet, users must have a valid library card, read and agree to the policy agreement. All internet users under 18 must have parental permission.

  • Internet computers are available during regular library hours. Sessions are for one hour and a patron may be asked to give up their workstation at any point after one hour has elapsed. 

  • Two users are allower per workstation maximum. Both users must have a valid library card. Both users must agree to the internet use policy.

  • Staff cannot provide in-depth training on the internet. Staff may offer searching suggestions and answer questions. 

  • Black and white printouts are $ 0.10 each; color printouts are $0.50 each.

  • Use of the internet is for legal purposes only. Illegal uses, including software piracy, are not permitted. The library is not responsible for the content of networked information via this service. The use of this service to engage in any activity which constitues violation of local, state, and/or federal laws is strictly prohibited.

  • The library filters the children's computers. Users of the library internet terminals must conform to our community standards of strictly prohibiting access to "obscene or sexually explicit matter that is harmful to minors" as stated in Michigan Law 212 of 2000. 

  • The library is a public place. Although we try to protect confidentiality, we cannot be responsible for other users viewing content on a computer station or printer. Please act accordingly. 

It is expressly prohibited to use library equipment to: 

  1. Access material that is obscene, including child pornography or material that is "harmful to minors," consistent with all applicable federal, state, or local law. 

  2. Threaten, libel, harass, or sexually harass others.

  3. Alter, destroy or damage equipments, software or data. 

  4. Disrupt or participate in the unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications. 

  5. Make unauthorized copies of copyright-protected materials.

  6. Participate in the unauthorized use of computer accounts, using access codes and/or network identification assisgned to others. 

  7. Use computer  communications facilities in ways that unnecessarily impede the computing activities of others. 

  8. Tamper with the computer system security. 

  9. Intentionally violate software agreements. 

  10. Intentionally violate network use policies. 

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Patron Conduct Policy

Dearborn Heights City Libraries provide quality services that support the use and enjoyment of library resources. The Patron Conduct Policy is a set of standards for acceptable behavior established to maintain a positive and safe environment that promotes respect for library patrons, property, and staff. 

  • Use of cellular phones is restricted to the library's entrance hall. 

  • Running, pushing, shoving, and throwing objects is prohibited.  

  • Do not disturb patrons by talking loudly.

  • No more than two people at a time are allowed to sit at the computers.

  • Entering the library without wearing a shirt and shoes is not allowed.

  • No bikes, roller blades, skateboards or hoverboards are allowed inside the building. 

  • No food or drink inside the building.

  • Being under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol is prohibited.

  • Smoking, chewing, and other tobacco use is not permitted.

  • Damaging library property is prohibited.

  • No lying down or sleeping on the floor or on any library furniture.

  • No unauthorized solicitation.

  • No using restrooms for bathing, washing, or changing clothes.

  • Carrying and displaying firearms or dangerous weapons of any kind, except as permitted by law.

  • Harassing library staff, volunteers, or patrons by using offensive language with an abusive tone, verbal or physical threats, or other mothods of intimidation, such as , stalking, touching and grabbing are strictly prohibited.

  • No fighting or engaging in any altercation.

  • No pets or animals are allowed with the exception of service animals.

  • No playing music without use of headphones.

  • Leaving the library with materials that are not checked out at the circulation desk is not allowed.

  • Inappropriate displays of affection, such as kissing, touching, or hugging with any implication of sexual conduct, including indecent exposure is strictly prohibited.

  • No entering or remaining on library  premises after business hours.

  • Patrons must use the internet in accordance with the Internet Use Policy.

Patrons refusing to conduct themselves in accordance with library policy may be subject to the following: 

  • Loss of privileges such as borrowing materials and computer use.

  • Temporary or permanent expulsion.

  • For minors, contact of a guardian, parent or school.

  • Contact of police department for egregious violations.

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